Reduce Your Screen Time


1. Separate out the different jobs your phone does and reassign them: eg. Use a watch, an alarm clock, a calendar, a camera, a notebook, a word processor.

2. Don’t have your phone in your bedroom (at night, or not at all).

3. Have a phone ‘station’ – a place where your phone lives and charges. You visit it for various jobs, rather than carrying it around.

4. Decide on an amount of time you will use your phone for per day (eg. 1 hour), and put a timer on when using it. Same with computer. Decide what counts for you in that time (for eg. listening to podcasts, music phonecalls, etc)

5. Protect ‘deep work’ (vs shallow work) – turn everything else off (wifi/phone) when doing a task (encourage flow state).

6. Don’t start the day with other people’s priorities (checking emails/texts etc). Start with your own focus.

7. Delete social media apps that you’re addicted to from your phone (fb, insta, twitter).

8. Delay your gratification – whenever you want to reach for your phone wait for 2-5mins, or longer (after a walk, after lunch, after a cup of tea etc).

9. Have a wifi notebook where you write down things you would like to look up (so you don’t have to do it immediately).

10. No dual activities – do not use one form of screen whilst on another screen. Try more embodied ways to multi-task eg. drawing, crochet/knitting, weaving, whittling, putty, stress ball).

11. No screens after 10pm (or choose a time that works for you, ideally 2hrs before you want to sleep).

12. Have at least one day a week without screens (blackout Sunday).

13. Ignoring ‘bad’ behaviour and reward desired behaviour. Identify some treats for rewards and things to turn to for withdrawal symptoms (treats could include a nice drink, reading a novel, going for a walk, ringing a friend, more time in bed, dance/yoga, something on screen that you enjoy for a boundaried amount of time). Have a chart to tick off each day when you have fulfilled your commitments. If you break your commitments, enjoy it don’t judge it, notice the effects.